Sypel Top Vapor


SYPEL TOP VAPOR presents original technological features that ensure high functionality and convenience in addition to maximum security.

The aluminum boiler shell molded circular section ensures a greater uniformity of pressure resistance.

SYPEL TOP VAPOR is the only one with two thermostats: the first normal action, the second – safety – is operated in case of failure of the first and blocks the increased pressure.

The SYPEL TOP VAPOR iron was designed to work with its boiler and ensure maximum performance techniques.
Multiple structure command steam for better convenience.


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Technical specifications:

  • Voltage: 220 Volt 50 Hz.
  • Pressure: 2.4 atm.
  • Boiler capacity Lt 1.9 Volume 2.7
  • Work autonomy: H 4
  • Operating thermostat set at 135 °.
  • Safety thermostat set at 165 degrees.
  • Central safety valve calibrated at 4.5 Atm.
  • Safety valve on the cap set at 4.5 Atm.
  • Boiler body cast in aluminum, drowned armored resistance.
  • The 2 parts of the boiler are TIG welded and assembled without the use of gaskets.
  • Plastic materials with high resistance at high temperatures.
  • Iron with stainless steel plate.
  • Rest mat silicone rubber.
  • Patented filling bottle.
Weight 9 kg

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